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Supremely Divine Body Butter


ALL NATURAL SUPREMELY DIVINE BODY BUTTER with Pure Cocoa and Shea Butter infused with ORGANIC healing oils that WORK NATURALLY to rapidly heal your skin.

Product Net Weight: 5.5 oz. (156 gram)
Country of Origin: Handmade in USA

Our SUPREMELY DIVINE BUTTER, is specially formulated for those who want to rapidly heal and tone their skin. Effectively fades  severe to mild dark spots associated to sun blemishes, age discoloration, and under eye darkening. Highly effective for those who want to work on removing fine lines, wrinkles (crows feet), severe scarring, stretch marks, and much more... 

This butter immediately locks in moisture without leaving an overlay of oils on your skin. Great for dermatitis and severe dry conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Rapidly heals burns and helps to prevent scarring from those burns. A supremely divine blend of healthy butters and oils that will not clog your pores.

USAGE: ANY time - ANY where - ANY age, and especially after you've washed with any one of our delightful soaps. After 6-8 weeks of continued daily use, one should see results. Recommended usage is 2 times a day, every day, with no other creams.

🔥🔥 **NEW** improved formula... 🔥🔥

ALL NATURAL SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Prime pressed unrefined cocoa butter, premium unrefined shea butter, organic Marrakesh argan oil, *organic tamanu oil*, organic pumpkin seed oil, organic carrot seed oil, and Ghanaian cocoa absolute.

SMELLS LIKE... a lovely chocolate blend of healing butters and oils made for you to feel divine. No hidden perfumes.

ALL of our Healing Body Butters are made in small batches to ensure freshness. They are ready to apply every time and anytime you desire and guaranteed FRESH every time. Use it anytime of the year, anywhere on your body. Our traditional recipe is authentic and made purely from All Natural and Organic Ingredients. Our products have NO Hidden Perfumes. NO Hidden Chemicals. We offer ONLY the best Shea Butter available to online shoppers.

DISCLAIMER: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.  

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