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Virgin African Shea Butter | Non Deodorized | Unrefined (Family Size)

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100% Pure Natural African Shea Butter - Product of Burkina Faso, Africa

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Virgin Organic Shea Nut Butter. After being extracted from the shea nut, the appearance of virgin organic shea nut butter is a pale, tan yellowish color that carries a characteristic odor. Virgin shea butter is a soft solid at room temperature with a melting point ranging from 89-113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Traditionally shea butters have been used throughout Africa in cooking and medicinal applications. Today the primary use of virgin shea nut butter outside of Africa is in the cosmetic industry. The unique fatty acid profile coupled with the butter's high level of non-saponifiables, makes it a highly effective emollient. Shea nut butter is also known to contribute to skin elasticity, and is said to have therapeutic and moisturizing properties.

SIDE NOTE: When ordering any natural butter, the texture may be altered if the material experiences melting, such as in transit or during processing. 

USAGE: Anytime, anywhere, any age.

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