What is African Black Soap?

African Black Soap is crumbly, soft and unscented.  It ranges from a light brown color to a dark brown color and often near black but never completely black, as shown above. Most often, the  soap is crumbly because of its raw state; however, crumbly does not necessarily mean crumbly like bread crumbs. It is very easy to use.  


African Black Soap is made solely of ALL NATURAL ingredients such as virgin palm kernel oil, cocoa pods (potash), palm bunch ash, plantain skin ashes (and depending on region - Camwood bark ash),  palm oil and shea butter.

Potash is an organic ingredient in African Black Soap. The longer the plantain skins are roasted the darker the soap is, but the soap is never completely black. Colors vary from light-tan brown to brown and dark brown. In Ghana, the local potash is made from cocoa pod husks (shell that covers cocoa seeds), as seen below. Cocoa husk is similar to the outer shell of a melon but harder. Once the cocoa seeds are taken out of the pod to be processed for chocolate making etc..., the husks are dried and burnt into ashes. And now you have potash. These are one (1) of the three (3) ashes in Black Soap. Potash is one of the key ingredients in the binding process of soap making.

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BEWARE of the so called 'Jelly Jelly Soap' SOLD IN MOST beauty supply shops. Some western countries black market 'FAKE' black soap as an attempt to imitate African Black Soap.  This practice is an insult to Africans who have used black soap for centuries.

Palm Fruit / Oil
100% Cocoa Pod / Husk

Cocoa Pod, Palm Bunch and Camwood Bark Ash

The Cleansing Power Of African Black Soap

African black soap has the ability to deeply clean and thoroughly detoxify the skin, remove makeup, reduce oily skin and relieve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, hives, foot fungus, ringworm and skin rashes. Since African black soap is made up of approximately 50% shea butter, it can also help minimize dark spots, marks and skin discoloration as well as even skin tone. African black soap can also be used to heal skin blemishes such as acne, blackheads and occasional breakouts.

For men, African black soap can prove to be an exceptional tool in dealing with unsightly razor bumps as black soap can be used to help minimize the appearance and severity of those razor bumps under the chin and sides of the face. The daily use of African Soap can help keep skin clear and blemish free.  Shaving with black soap is far more superior than chemical based shaving creams.


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