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PLATINUM OUD / (Oudh) Perfume Oil


High Quality IMPORTED (CONCENTRATE) Perfume Oils

Specialty Oils | ORIGINAL OILS (Alcohol Free)

Net Weight: 3 mL., 6 mL.

These unique special blends are packaged in a printed leaf design glass octagonal bottle with deep stick applicator. These oils do not come with roll-ons.

Platinum Oudh | OUD Aroma Description: This exceptional Oudh is dark, potent, and long-lasting. It has an aromatic and complex scent with a penetrating woody animalistic and spicy depth to it. One of the world's most coveted scents,

Platinum Oudh is one of our extreme best sellers with an exceptional long lasting smell.

Our perfume oil is 100% uncut, pure, skin-safe and ready for use.


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