There is an array of benefits as to why the LICORICE and/or MISWAK ROOTS (CHEW STICK) are gaining more attraction as a viable option for dental care. Read on to discover the benefits of this age-old tool. 


The first, and perhaps most important benefit of a LICORICE and/or MISWAK is the ability to fight against tooth decay and the development of cavities. Very importantly, these roots help encourage production of saliva, which naturally helps you fight tooth decay from the inside out.

Second, Miswak sticks contain natural sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, and calcium oxide that all work together to provide a strengthening effect for tooth enamel. This results are an extremely effective strategy of fighting cavities without the need for special toothpastes or treatments, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in dental work.

Sugar is one of the main causes of tooth decay, and in a fast paced world where more and more people are consuming sugar, it is highly essential to maintain good oral hygiene. Sometimes it's hard to brush your teeth after every meal (or at least 3 times daily), so the LICORICE / MISWAK ROOT CHEW STICK is the ideal thing to use for when you are on the go.


At any given moment, hundreds of different kinds of bacteria can be found in the human mouth. While some of these are vital for oral health and helping to aid in digestion, others can cause harmful breakdown and erosion of tooth enamel. Licorice / Miswak Chew Sticks have been found to be effective in establishing control over bacteria levels due to its antibacterial effects.

Studies conducted by the World Health Organization have shown a correlation between regular use of a Miswak and fewer dental hygiene issues, as compared against standard oral care products. This balancing act with bacteria is directly connected to some of the other benefits of using a Miswak stick.


Plaque build-up is created from a layer of bacteria that covers your teeth and gums. This layer builds up over time if left untreated, and can cause yellowing of teeth, gum disease, and even loss of teeth. Fortunately, the same antibacterial properties we talked about previously play a vital role in ensuring this doesn’t happen to you. While brushing regularly with a normal toothbrush and toothpaste can fend off plaque build-up, it doesn’t have the same natural antibacterial fighting properties as the Licorice and/or Miswak Root.


As a natural consequence of the balancing of bacteria, you can have whiter teeth. While it prevents the build-up of plaque, it is also fighting through stains left by many of your favorite foods and drinks such as coffee and tea. It does a great job of removing the build-up that causes the common, yellow stains found on the teeth of people who smoke or drink coffee on a regular basis, unaccompanied by good oral hygiene.


Even if the main cause of bad breath is related to diet or untreated gum disease, the Licorice and/or Miswak Root will still increase saliva, which in turn helps combat bacteria. A Miswak’s antibacterial properties coupled with its ability to increase saliva production are the perfect treatment for minimizing bad breath.


Your gums house and protect the roots of your teeth, allowing them to stand strong through all your chewing. The anti-bacterial and anti-plaque properties of a Licorice and/or Miswak Root causes a chain reaction that allows your gums to heal and remain strong through continual use. If used on a daily basis, you may significantly reduce your chance of developing gingivitis, which in turn also prevents gingivitis from progressing into periodontitis.


If you have already gotten to the point where your gums need repair, don’t fret! Licorice and/or Miswak sticks are a natural analgesic substance, which means they have the capacity to alleviate the pain caused by inflammation and disease in your gums.

Using a Miswak stick not only promotes healing in these areas but numbs the pain to make the healing process much more comfortable. It may seem counter-intuitive, but this allows for unhealthy gums to feel better after, or even during brushing when you use a Miswak stick.

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Designed by nature, it may seem odd, but there is a lot of evidence that brushing with a Licorice / Miswak chew stick can be significantly more effective than our modern day toothbrushes. Researchers have observed that people who regularly use a Miswak are less likely to encounter oral problems such as bleeding gums or jaw problem when compared to those using typical toothbrush and toothpaste. The simple answer is that a Miswak stick contains benefits that just are not found in what we refer to as “normal” brushing.

Last, but certainly not least, Licorice / Miswak Roots have no detrimental effect on the environment. Chew sticks are all natural and 100% biodegradable.

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