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UNSCENTED ORIGINAL | Black Soap and Shea Butter Combo

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Made by traditional hand blending, our authentic hand made recipe is made purely from all natural ingredients. ALL of our liquid black soaps have a healthy, rich, creamy lather which softens, and turns skin silky smooth. ALL of our Healing Body Butters are made in small batches and Guaranteed FRESH!

With over 25 years experience, we offer ONLY the best Black Soap and Shea Butter available for online shoppers.

Our Body Butter is temperature sensitive, please store between 50 – 70° F (10 – 21° C)

EXTRAS (add-ons): Add an ALL Natural loofah pad or 2, and maybe 3 to your order. Loofah pads are great to use with Black Soap.

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USAGE: ANY age - ANY time - ANY where, and especially after you've washed with any one of our delightful soaps. Does not clog pores and does not intrude on your natural beauty. Our body butters only enhance your beauty.

STORAGE: Store in a dark and cool environment, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Liquid Black Soap is very easy to use. Wash 1-2 times in one single wash. Wash your body starting from your head on down to your toes using a small amount of soap for your body and a few drops for your face. Thoroughly wet hair and use a small amount to create a lather, then rinse. If you wash your hair and need additional moisture, condition your hair with our wondrous Hair Conditioner. Click here to view purchase options.

WHAT IS IN LIQUID BLACK SOAP? Click here to see our simple ingredients.

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