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Al Naama Olive Oil Body Bar



Bar Weight: (130-150 grams) 
Country of Origin: Jordan, Middle East

Olive oil soap is a miracle beauty product, and it has been around for as long as soap has existed! The benefits of olive oil are not just in nutrition for food, it serves a slew of benefits for the skin too. Olive oil soap is one of the best ways to achieve healthy and smooth skin, as well as prevent common issues like body acne and dry flaky skin.

AL NAAMA OLIVE OIL SOAP is 100% natural AND HAND MADE in Jordan by Palestinian hands. The art of it's production has been handed down from generation to generation and remain unaltered to date. The benefits of this soap are clearly noticeable when used.

OLIVE OIL SOAP FOR BODY: Since Olive Oil Soap is made up of approximately 80% Olive Oil, it can help minimize dark spots, marks and skin discoloration as well as even skin tone. Olive Oil Soap can also be used to heal skin blemishes such as acne, blackheads and occasional breakouts. In cases of acne, the individuals eating habits may be the contributor to their skin condition. Beneficial For ALL Skin Types.....

USAGE: Anytime, any age. Given that this soap is cold-pressed and not processed with hardening chemicals, please do not leave soap bar in sitting water. Gentle enough on a baby's skin.

OLIVE OIL SOAP RECIPE: 100% pure olive oil, vegetable oils, water, sodium hydroxide, salt

This soap is used throughout the Middle East for skin and hair (instead of Shampoo)

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