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Cocoa Butter | Non Deodorized | Unrefined - FAMILY SIZE

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100% Pure Natural - Product of Ghana, Africa

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Cocoa Butter is hand picked and processed without the use of any chemicals. Our RAW Cocoa Butter is 100% Pure Prime Pressed for the ultimate in skin care and protection.

SIDE NOTE: Cocoa Butter is extracted from the cocoa bean, refined for purity and left un-deodorized. Because of the lack of deodorization, bulk natural Cocoa Butter has a pale yellowish or slight brown color and has the typical chocolate odor normally associated with Cocoa Butter.

Natural Cocoa Butter is known for its high oxidative stability, as a result of it being naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. From a cosmetic and skin care application standpoint, Cocoa Butter is used for its natural emollient properties and to help heal scar tissues and even tone skin rapidly.

USAGE: Anytime, anywhere, any age.

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Dave (New York, US)
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Top quality

Simply put, I love it! Each time I am low on supply, I come here. The products are pure & fresh.


The smell is intoxicating. Fresh and clean, so happy with my purchase. I buy various item from My Natural Beauty Care and never a doubt that what I receive Is highly quality. Thank you, another happy customer. Again ☺️

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