High quality ATTAR (alcohol free) perfume oil recommended for both men and women.

Our perfume oil is 100% uncut, pure, skin-safe and ready for use. When used as perfume oil, fragrance oil, and/or body oil, you can be confident that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase and will be coming back for more.

Oudh fragrance is wonderful on its own or as a base note to add to and enhance any fragrance. A little goes a long way so it is a bargain at this price. For anyone who appreciates Oudh and its benefits, this is it. Our luxurious attars are made from 100% natural ingredients that have been sustainably and ethically sourced. Our perfumed oils are vegan and cruelty free ensuring no harm to animals and the environment.

OUDH is a scent of wealth, luxury and beauty and an extraordinary one of a kind perfume oil. Oud, Oudh, Aloeswood, Agarwood, Gaharu (different names for the same fragrance) – the Wood of the Gods – is the common name for the tar-like resinous heartwood that forms in the ancient Aquilaria and some Gyrinops species of trees that are native to the dense forests of South East Asia. The fragrance is comprised of many diverse aspects. It is simultaneously pungent, yet very pleasing, invoking warm, smoky notes with tinges of dampened wood. Although subtlety blended with touches of floral and fruit, the predominant scent is musky and sensual. The complex and exquisite fragrance of Oud is a precious, rare and intriguing gift of nature that when blended with other essential oils creates an olfactory experience that permeates any interior environment with a sense of opulence, luxury and supreme comfort.

* No Alcohol

* No filler or "cutter oils"

* No Preservatives

* No Artificial Ingredients

These unique special blends are packaged in a printed leaf design glass octagonal bottle with deep stick applicator.

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