False Labels Hiding Behind the Words 'ALL Natural'

Don't be fooled by products that say, "Made with ALL NATURAL ingredients." Of course most of these products will use NATURAL ingredients; however, they strip the natural healing properties by adding chemicals, then slap on a label that says, "Made with ALL Natural Ingredients," and sell it to you under the assumption that you will believe their product is ALL NATURAL. Take heed and be wise about the decisions you make when it comes to your body. Your skin is the biggest organ and you must take care of it just as you should take care of the internal aspect of your body.

About 95% of products who use Raw Butters and Virgin Oils in their products take the natural aspect of its raw form and strip it with chemicals. So by the time you see it on the shelf labeled as, "ALL Natural with Shea Butter," or "Made with Organic Coconut Oil," there are no healing properties left. And what do most people do? Buy it! When you get home and shower with your ALL Natural Soap and/or Shampoo, and moisturize your skin with your ALL Natural Shea Butter Cream and/or Coconut Oil Moisturizer, you wonder why your hair gets dry and brittle or even breaks off (hair loss). Your skin starts to feel dry and tight, and you sit back and think, well I just bought this product believing it's made with ALL Natural Ingredients. I don't understand! Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are suppose to be good for me?!? Your hair is breaking off and your skin is dry and tight because of the chemicals they added to their products which off course includes ALL Natural Ingredients that were stripped of their natural healing properties. So by the time your skin, which is your biggest organ, has absorbed all the chemicals within your body, you may end up getting Psoriasis, Eczema, Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and various other skin aliments after long term use.

How do you feel about these falsified labels? What about chemical based deodorants and toothpaste. That's our next topic.

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