ALL NATURAL (ORGANIC) BABY SHAMPOO (SOAP) INGREDIENTS: aqua, organic sunflower oil (potassium oleate),* organic coconut oil (potassium cocoate),** organic glycerin,*** organic moringa oil,*** organic jojoba oil,*** organic aloe vera,*** potassium citrate (potassium salt of citric acid), citric acid, organic blend of gardenia, chamomile, and lavender essential oils***.

*Derived from Organic Sunflower Oil
**Derived from Organic Coconut Oil
***Organic Origin

There are NO hidden chemicals included in our recipe. We do not add chemicals for a Long Shelf Life... Our Baby Shampoo is made for YOU and YOUR baby to have a Long Healthy Life. (Not the Shelf). We offer ONLY the Best Natural Health and Complete Body Care Products for on-line shoppers.