Pheromones and Love at First Sight

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? This is the debatable question that many of us can relate to. The human chemistry which magnetically draws us in to one another can often times be described as an uncontrollable feeling. Yet is it? Human pheromones elicit specific behavioral responses and physiological alterations which can oftentimes leave one in an altered state of mind. The moment our pheromones are released, the magnetic pull can oftentimes become unbearable. 

To bring this subject even deeper. A woman who is in tune with her body can have a deeper sense of who she wants to attract and who is genetically driven to her sense as well. How does she attract? For example, a fertile female who is ovulating can sense the pheromone molecules in the male and send an electrifying message to the male in hopes that he can sense her calling. In turn, this calling is what brings the man and woman together, and to bluntly say it, start a family! By subconsciously reacting to pheromones that transmit their genetic compatibility, you may even pick your soul mate. I can simply say, just follow your nose! One's nose can help identify a genetically compatible mate.

To  elaborate even further. This uncontrollable magnetism can overwhelm the mind if one is not ready, hence making the man or women ... shy away and/or have sex and be sexually driven with the intention of a one night stand.

Oftentimes an individual may run from the magnetic vibe due to the lack of understanding themselves.  To be continued...

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