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Mineral Salt Deodorant Stone



Mineral Salt Deodorant Stone deodorant Stones are simply made up of Crystallized Mineral Salts which are formed from Mother Earth. Deodorant stones contain no harmful chemicals, and are free of alcohols, dyes, emulsifiers, oils, perfumes, and propellants.

Deodorant Stones... contain NO aluminum, carcinogens or toxic chemicals like the famous national brands that we have all been using. Most of these national brands contain aluminum compounds, plus known carcinogens and other toxic chemicals that cause horrible diseases.

Deodorant stones are for people who care about their bodies and their environment. Using a Deodorant Stone is over 300% more effective than commercial deodorants, and yet it is also 100% NATURALLY chipped away straight from the Earth.

Absolutely NO man-made ingredients!

ALL Natural Deodorant Stones are the safest way to keep dry and stay deodorized chemically free. These stones are for both sexes, and work wonderfully well for both.

This 4.25 oz stone is hypo-allergenic, unscented and non-staining so why not use it?

And better yet, it will last you up to two years.

Deodorant stones... are not sticky or greasy, will not stain clothing, irritate your skin, or leak in your suitcase. It is the finest product on the market today and best of all...

IT WORKS!! The Deodorant Stone is not a cover-up nor does it clog your pores. The Deodorant Stone actually inhibits bacterial growth. This bacterial growth is what causes body odor. So by eliminating this odor-causing bacteria, we have eliminated body odor. The Stone attacks the problem! The Stone does not have perfume that only covers one odor with another artificial odor like some sprays or powders. The Deodorant Stone leaves an invisible layer of protection that prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming and leaves you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day.

HOW DOES IT WORK? When your perspiration first leaves your body, it is sterile and odorless. When it comes in contact with bacteria on your skin, the bacteria multiplies and it's the bacteria that smells. The mineral salts stone leaves a thin film of the salts on your skin. The bacteria cannot live in the mineral salts environment; therefore, no odors. You will not smell at all. It works far better than the usual, over the counter, cover up deodorants.

EASY TO USE: After bath or shower while body is still damp, simply apply Stone to areas that need protection, (in the manner you would use a roll-on). If your body is dry, wet Stone by putting it under running water, then apply. Make sure the entire area is covered.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WORK? At least a week. More than likely the common store bought deodorant which is filled with oils and perfumes tends to clog your pores. Deodorant stones DO NOT clog your pores; therefore, you have to let your pores clear themselves out before the stone kicks in. Most people say between 4 and 7 days, it starts to work wonderfully!

ECONOMICAL: Pennies a day you receive maximum protection at a fraction of the cost of commercial deodorants.

Women and Breast Cancer

There is a growing controversy over whether aluminum compounds cause breast cancer and Alzheimer's. But there is no controversy over whether the carcinogens and toxic chemicals in the national brand deodorants cause cancer and many other diseases. This is a fact that is not even disputed by the manufacturers of these national brands. Deodorant is particularly dangerous as we put it on and we don't wash it off until our next shower and then we put it on again. These highly toxic chemicals are absorbed right through our skin.

  • Do you want to learn more about the possible dangers of using commercial based deodorants?
  • Do aluminum based deodorants cause breast cancer?
  • Do parabens contribute to breast cancer?

For more information click the link below and research it for yourself.

Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Fact Sheet

Breast Cancer Research

DISCLAIMER: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Helen Manning

My teenagers like the stone

Myla Rich

very effective for foot odor

To be safe and healthy I highly recommend.

So initially, I would have wrote that this didn't work because I was still smelling but after reading the instructions throughly, I understand why it didn't. I followed the instructions and low and behold, I had no body odor at all. So I am buying two more. One for my gym bag, one for home and the other for traveling. :)

Marllury L.

At the beginning a little skeptical but now I love it And it will last me for 2 years or so

Pamela A.
Underarm love

Love it! I always tried several other deodorants. They did not work. After using this no more underarm sweat or odor. Its natural and safe!

Deodorant works

The deodorant stone works great! I dont have any odor and no more allergic reactions that my last deodorant gave me.

Andrew N.
You’re tried the rest now try the best!

Fantastic product , actually tested this , I applied it after taking a shower , 2 days of insanity workouts later and no smell , Brilliant

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