Can be used on BOTH Eczema and Psoriasis

STEP 1: Gently wash eczema affected area(s) 2 times daily, using our ALL NATURAL hand-made LIQUID soap. Pat dry skin. 

  • BODY WASH Usage: Wash 1-2 times in one single wash. Using a small amount of soap, thoroughly wash your body. 

A little SOAP goes a long way! 


STEP 2: After you've thoroughly washed your body, apply the ECZEMA BUTTER onto clean (moist) skin. Massage until well absorbed. Use the ECZEMA BUTTER when you need a deep moisturizer and/or anytime when flare ups are prominent. Use as needed, anytime of the day. 

  • ECZEMA BUTTER Usage: This butter reduces inflammation, hydrates, moisturizes, soothes and eases painful eczema. Use as needed, anytime of the day.

  • BODY BUTTER Usage: This butter is used as a regular body butter which can be part of your daily regimen to maintain your skin by keeping it healthy and hydrated. This body butter DOES NOT reduce inflammation, it ONLY hydrates and moisturizes your skin. 

Our butters do not clog pores, so use it as you need it. 

    PLEASE NOTE: If Eczema is on the face, please use our ECZEMA FACE CARE COMBO to hydrate and moisturize your face, as for this recipe is the perfect recipe for your face. Click here for our ECZEMA FACE COMBOS.

    Each combo varies based on where the ECZEMA / PSORIASIS is present. 

    STORAGE: Store in a dark and cool environment, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. 


    WARNING: Keep body wash out of eyes. The flip cap may get clogged due to the all natural chemistry of the soap. If the cap does get clogged, DO NOT squeeze bottle and shoot out soap. Instead of squeezing bottle, simply remove cap and soak in warm water for several minutes, then place back on bottle neck. 

    If the bottle is squeezed (when cap is clogged), the soap can spurt out with dispenser and irritate your eyes. If this happens, flush eyes well with water for 15 minutes. Consult a physician if irritation persists.