My Natural Beauty

MY LOVE FOR OUD / (Oudh) Perfume Oil


Our Best Yet - MY Natural Beauty's Own

Net Weight: 6 mL., 12 mL.

These unique special blends are packaged in a printed leaf design glass octagonal bottle with deep stick applicator. These oils do not come with roll-ons.

My Love for Oudh | OUD Aroma Description: This fragrance is one of our own... My Love for Oudh is a honeyed tobacco oriental perfume oil that seems to be very linear. After an initial slight sprightliness provided by bergamot, it settles quickly into a comfort zone of sweet honey on tobacco leaves. Then there is a little cool spiciness of cardamom and coriander to pick you up, with a little smokiness from the benzoin. To top it off, there is quite a bit of warmth from the almond-tinged tonka and vanilla and a solid backbone of labdanum and patchouli for everyone to enjoy. Both man and woman...

Our perfume oil is 100% uncut, pure, skin-safe and ready for use.

Country of Origin: USA

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