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Buy REAL BLACK SOAP from Africa (with BERGAMOT) right here...

Twist up your senses with an exhilarating burst of tarty sweet bergamot, lemongrass, and lime. Made by traditional hand blending, our authentic hand made recipe is made purely from all natural ingredients and healing herbs. With over 25 years experience, we offer ONLY the best Liquid Black Soap available for online shoppers. All of our liquid black soaps have a healthy, rich, creamy lather which softens, and turns skin silky smooth.

Bergamot Liquid Black Soap... helps tone the skin as it clarifies, normal, oily skin and oily hair. Helps reduce inflamed, rashy, red, irritated skin, and alleviate inflamed acne. Good for people who suffer from multiple insect bites and scabies. This gentle mix does not over dry skin.

Good For... all types of skin and hair: dry, oily, any type. Great for those who have inflamed acne. Will not over dry skin for those who have inflammatory conditions. Great for those who have dry skin and who suffer from dry, itchy scalp. Makes hair and skin feel fresh. Moisturize your skin with our Tarty Surprise (Bergamot) Body Butter. We offer a combo below.

Smells Like... a tangy, fresh and slightly sour, yet sweet, energizing and uplifting clean aroma with an underlying fruity kick. No hidden perfumes.

All Natural Ingredients: Distilled water, roasted cocoa pods, plantain skin ash, palm bunch ash, palm oil, shea butter, organic blend of bergamot, lemongrass, and lime essential oils.

Body Wash Usage: Use a small amount of soap for your body and a few drops for your face.
Shampoo Usage: Thoroughly wet hair and use a small amount to create a lather

If you want to add a body butter to your order, combine your Bergamot Black Soap with our Bergamot Healing Body Butter.
What a great combination!


EXTRAS (add-ons): Add an ALL Natural loofah pad or 2, and maybe 3 to your order. Loofah pads are great to use with Black Soap.

Why?  Because it helps you save money $ $ $
How?  Your soap does not get wasted and... it provides a great lather.

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