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Buy REAL BLACK SOAP from AFRICA (with GINGER and SANDALWOOD) right here...

Stimulate your wild senses from head to toe with this spicy aromatic soap. Made by traditional hand blending, our authentic hand made recipe is made purely from all natural ingredients and healing herbs. With over 25 years experience, we offer ONLY the best Liquid Black Soap available for online shoppers. All of our liquid black soaps have a healthy, rich, creamy lather which softens, and turns skin silky smooth.

Wildly Ginger Liquid Black Soap... is excellent for chapped, dry, irritated, inflamed and sensitive skin. Even tones your skin by reducing age spots, hence increases radiance to skin. Dry hair will benefit from this distinctive woodsy scented soap due to its soothing and moisturizing effect and thus it refreshes dehydrated skin your while leaving your skin and hair looking beautiful.  

Good For... all types of skin and hair. Great for those who have very dry, chapped, cracked skin and for those who suffer from dry, itchy scalp. Makes hair and skin very soft.Not a problem for dry skin, just moisturize your skin with our Spice of Life (Ginger Sandalwood) Body Butter. We offer a combo below.

Smells Like... a sweet and spicy, warm, yet soothing and relaxing aroma. No hidden perfumes.

MAKE IT A COMBO... If you want to add a body butter to your order, combine your Ginger Sandalwood Black Soap with our Ginger Sandalwood Healing Body Butter. Click here for savings.
GINGER SANDALWOOD Black Soap with Body Butter COMBO
EXTRAS (add-ons): Add an ALL Natural loofah pad or 2, and maybe 3 to your order. Loofah pads are great to use with Black Soap.

Why?  Because it helps you save money $ $ $
How?  Your soap does not get wasted and... it provides a great lather.

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